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Trevor Lawrence offers advice to 2023’s No. 1 high school recruit Arch Manning

Trevor Lawrence was already used to being in the spotlight before the Jacksonville Jaguars picked him in the draft last year. He was the top high school graduate in 2018, and he lived up to his reputation at Clemson, where he won the national championship.

So, Lawrence is a good person to give advice to people who want to play in the NFL. He is the best person to give advice to the top recruits, and this week, when asked about 2023’s top high school recruit, Arch Manning, he did just that.

Lawrence told The Spun in a recent Q&A that Manning should listen to the people who know him best. He also said that Manning will be able to handle any problem he faces if he shows up ready to learn and grow.

“I’m sure he has a lot of good people in his corner that can help him, but I’d say it’s really important to learn how to manage expectations.” Lawrence said when asked what advice he’d give Manning. “It’s important to block out all the noise. The only voices you should listen to are your internal expectations of yourself, your teammates, your coaches and family. You should try to block everything else out.”

“There’s going to be a lot on his plate, but you have to show up ready to learn and grow. You’re not going to be perfect from Day 1, but he is really talented and has a lot of abilities. He needs to carry that confidence over while knowing you do have to start over. You have to do that at every level. It’s something I’m going through right now in the NFL. So you need to realize you’re there for a reason, but you have to earn that respect from your teammates. He seems like a quarterback who’ll do great.”

Manning has decided to go to the University of Texas, where he will be able to get help from many NFL players with more experience. Many people know that his grandfather is Archie Manning, who played in the NFL for 11 years. He will also be able to ask for help from his uncles Peyton and Eli Manning, who have 33 years of NFL experience between them.

As for Lawrence, he’s not a bad person to ask for advice, especially since he was able to make it through the worst Jaguars season ever under Urban Meyer. But things could get better for Lawrence now that Doug Pederson has replaced Meyer as the team’s coach. Pederson has won a Super Bowl before.

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